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At Mediaworx we are specialized in digital advertising, through platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Ads and many others. However, simply advertising through one of these platforms is not our specialty. Our added value is the ability to create and manage a complete digital advertising strategy, in which your business goals are key. That’s why we focus on creating one strategy in which we apply all aspects of digital advertising. Because we feel advertising is so much more than just showing your ads.

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One strategy, one package

At Mediaworx, we don’t work with a time clock. Instead we offer one package, based on your strategy and budget. So, no worries, we tailor all our packages specifically to your needs and solely based on your business goals.

Cross channel remarketing

Planning on targeting your focus group through one channel? With our strategy, we not only engage, but also re-engage through multiple channels. To make sure you never miss another lead.

Specific landing pages

Digital advertising is much like a store window. What you see, is what attracts your attention to go inside, to find what you’re looking for. With a landing page, we create a similar 1-to-1 experience between your landing page and ads.

100% Measurable

We not only make decisions solely based on data, we also offer unprecedented assistance in gathering and filtering this data. Check out our software add-ons, to each package.

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