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One strategy.

At Mediaworx we are specialized in digital advertising, through platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Ads and many others. However, simply advertising through one of these platforms is not our specialty. Our added value is the ability to create and manage a complete digital advertising strategy, in which your business goals are key. That’s why we focus on creating one strategy in which we apply all aspects of digital advertising. Because we feel advertising is so much more than just showing your ads.

The advantage
of one strategy.

One strategy, one package

At Mediaworx, we don’t work with a time clock. Instead we offer one package, based on your strategy and budget. So, no worries, we tailor all our packages specifically to your needs and solely based on your business goals.

Cross channel remarketing

Planning on targeting your focus group through one channel? With our strategy, we not only engage, but also re-engage through multiple channels. To make sure you never miss another lead.

Specific landing pages

Digital advertising is much like a store window. What you see, is what attracts your attention to go inside, to find what you’re looking for. With a landing page, we create a similar 1-to-1 experience between your landing page and ads.


We not only make decisions solely based on data, we also offer unprecedented assistance in gathering and filtering this data. Check out our software add-ons, to each package.

Focus on objectives.

In the development and implementation of a strategy, factors like goals, audiences, budget and location, are considered from the start. Starting from our very first chat, we will think long term, simply because we only develop scalable strategies. This allows us to scale the strategy with just the click of a button.

But why
one strategy?

This has everything to do with how prospects ‘browse’ the internet. Did you know that the average person uses Google 3 to 4 times a day to search something? So, this is where we start our strategy, because, instead of showing ads everywhere without targeting, we focus on the most relevant form of digital advertising, search engine advertising (SEA).

With SEA, we focus on the actual demand of people. We achieve this by exclusively interacting and engaging with prospects in the search result on Google or Bing. When a user matches his query with his question, he will most likely click the ad and will land on the specific landing page.

Google Ads optimalisatie

This so-called landing page contains an as relevant as possible offer, relative to the search term the visitor used. On this page, a visitor is convinced by using call-to-actions, social proof and unique selling points of your product or service. Which in the end, will drive them to complete the desired action, which is called a conversion. This conversion can be a purchase, form fill-out, phone call or downloading a brochure. In short everything you might desire for your campaign. Driving conversions is the sole objective of a landing page, and that is exactly why all elements are focused on this one goal.

When visitors do not convert and leave the page, no worries, they will be re-engaged via remarketing channels like social media and display advertising.

Google Ads optimalisatie

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