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The Mediaworx specialties.

At Mediaworx we have several different advertising specialties. We develop custom strategies to target your audience in the best way possible.

Search engine advertising (SEA).

Are you looking for more warm leads or simply more sales? Then search engine advertising is what you need for your organization. With search engine advertising you show up right at the top of the paid search results in Google or Bing. With SEA (or also called SEM search engine marketing) we focus on answering the user’s search query with your personalized ads. In the end you only pay-per-click (ppc) or with highly optimized campaigns you pay per conversion. The higher the quality of the ad account, the lower the price per click or conversion.

At Mediaworx our approach is hands on and performance driven. People sometimes see us as ‘just’ advertisers, and that is exactly right. However we see digital advertising as much more than building ad campaigns. Advertising is only one small part of the overall strategy.

Are you just starting out or do you want to scale up your existing campaigns, we develop a custom strategy for everyone.

  • Instantly at the top of Google or Bing
  • Fast results
  • Full control over costs
  • Specific target options

Display Advertising.

Display and Video advertising are one of the best ways to boost your brand awareness for your specific target audience. There are several different channels to choose from, such as the Google Display Network (GDN), Programmatic ads (uses AI & machine learning) and YouTube video ads. Besides the usual pay-per-click bid strategy you can also buy your ad spaces based on CPM (cost-per-1000-impressions). Through each of these channels you can display standard static ads but also rich media (animated html5 ads) and video ads. We always say, first impressions count. Did you know that it only takes 50 milliseconds for someone to form their opinion about your brand or website? We help you to make sure that every first impression counts.

  • Endless targeting options
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Low cost-per-click
  • Visual brand impression

Social Advertising.

Be there. Not just on search engines. Advertising through social media channels is an extremely effective marketing tool. You can reach your specific audience in no time and target them based on demographics, geography and interests. On top of that we use this data again to find lookalike audiences on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Through this unique set of targeting options, social advertising is an in-expensive way to boost your brand awareness. Of course, the trick of the trade is to apply it the right way and create a linear revenue stream.

  • Extremely accurate targeting options
  • More sales / leads from your website
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Applicable in every phase of the customer journey

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