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The Mediaworx Effect.

Mediaworx is a specialized digital agency who focuses only on online advertising. Our goal for each of our clients is simple: creating a scalable lead generation funnel using online advertising. We see advertising as much more than just running ads; everything from data gathering, landing page experience and scalability are part of our online advertising strategies. We proudly serve many different clients in Europe & North America, with a dedicated team of advertising specialists.


With a data-driven & result focused method, we know exactly how to achieve your goals



As real specialists, we have an industry-specific strategy to make your goals a reality.


By planning for the longterm right from the start, we can easily scale your strategy.

What we do.

Generate more leads

We can help you with targeted advertising campaigns with dedicated landing pages.

Generate more sales

With a very targeted ad campaign we make sure your webshop sales grow.

Generate more traffic

Increase your brand awareness? We show your ads to your desired target audience at the right time.

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